Wednesday / November 6, 2019 / 8 p.m.
Williams Center for the Arts

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Dance legend Wendy Whelan and the prescient, avant-garde cellist Maya Beiser perform together in this captivating meditation on life and the inevitable passage of the soul. With choreography by the seminal post-modernist Lucinda Childs and set to the day and world to come by Pulitzer Prize–winning composer David Lang, THE DAY explores the inner journey, temporal and eternal. Achingly beautiful and dreamlike, Beiser’s solo expands in a multitrack sound design that fills the stage with an elusive orchestra, where photographic scenography, haunting narration, and Whelan’s evocative artistry conjure a world of spectral beauty, as fleeting as life itself.

Tickets: $30 adults, $6 youth and students
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The H. Ellis Finger Performance

Part of the Dance Series at the Williams Center for the Arts.

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