Canvas, concert hall, screen, chapbook, or stage. Paint, voice, clay, ink, history, woodwind, or celluloid.

We are creators, makers, patrons, and learners. We develop the next generation of artists and creative leaders. We invite all students to engage, develop, create, and witness what art means. To learn how art originates. To carry art into life across campus.

Bold expression, meaningful insight, creative risks, the Arts at Lafayette are academically diverse and distinct, built on a foundation of five departments and programs, professional performance series, curated galleries, creative and performing arts scholars program (CaPA), and student art society.

Studying art here means immersion. It means expansion. It means playing, pushing boundaries, and preparing to be active citizens of the world. This is Lafayette Arts.

Creative and Performing Arts Scholars Program


CaPA challenges students to commit to their creative development and bring cultural experiences to the Lafayette College community. CaPA scholars develop their own projects that use the arts as a vehicle for igniting dialogue on Lafayette’s campus and receive financial support and mentorship from working artists.

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