The Maggin Creative and Performing Arts Initiative (CaPA) is a lifeline for artists across campus and beyond. CaPA scholars are just like you. Creative. Passionate. Maybe they don’t see themselves as artists—some CaPA scholars major in economics, engineering, or science. But every year, eight to 10 students join this powerful program to impact the College’s artistic landscape.

What is the CaPA?

It’s not a prize. It’s an agreement.

CaPA scholars receive $7,500 over four years to develop their creativity.  They partner with an adviser (a professional in that student’s discipline) to create projects that not only expand the CaPA scholar’s experience with their art but also impact the community by igniting dialogue on campus.

Over the years, CaPA scholars have engaged with the campus community through projects that address such diverse issues as social justice, gender, and race. Others have explored how fashion or music impacts culture.  Their work inspires action and conversation across campus as students explore the issues that matter to them through their art  In addition to student projects, CaPA sponsors campus-wide events that build community and invites visiting artists to campus to work with students and share their real-life experiences nurturing their creativity or even working in their creative discipline in the world.

With support from Bruce ’65 and Jackie P ’02 Maggin, CaPA sets out to continue the long tradition of the vibrant interplay between the Arts and the campus community that Bruce appreciated during his time at Lafayette. CaPA funds support a growing list of ways CaPA scholars can develop their art:  from studio art supplies to musical instruments to cultural experiences to film-making equipment, CaPA supports whatever the student may need to better develop, understand, express, or experience their art.  You will find CaPA scholars all over campus, performing in music ensembles, acting and building in the theater, creating documentaries, taking photographs, exploring the interplay between the community and sculpture, writing and expressing their ideas, views, and passion through words, paint, music, and film.