Acting as the anchor for the Williams Arts Campus on North Third Street, the Williams Visual Arts Building is a 23,500-square-foot facility dedicated solely to the visual arts.

Lafayette offers visual art students the opportunity to observe and actively participate in the work of their mentors and professors. Open, free-flowing teaching areas are interwoven with art professors’ personal studios. This barrier-less learning environment—augmented by a curriculum that stresses critical, artistic development—offers our students the advantage of developing both a technically proficient skill set and a close, interpersonal relationship with their mentors.

Equipped with the latest high-tech tools, the Visual Arts Building holds 3D and large-format inkjet printers, slide and flatbed scanners, and a connection to the Experimental Print Institute, which gives students the ability to review, modify, and print their work on a myriad of canvases.

The building features painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography studios. It also houses Lafayette’s Community-Based Teaching Program and the Grossman Gallery, where exhibitions by visiting artists, Lafayette faculty and students, high school students, and regional artists are complemented by lectures, panel discussions, publications, and workshops.