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The Lafayette College Concert Band will share three works from its studio CD project. These new pieces were written specifically for LCCB and specifically for a wind ensemble that has worked remotely this semester. The pieces take advantage of studio techniques that could not be replicated live, such as individualized effects processing, stereo panning, volume and effects control automation, etc. To make these recordings, each student recorded her/his parts on their phones or computers and sent them to the conductor (Kirk O’Riordan, Associate Professor of Music), who edited them together and processed them into one full recording.

The goal was to re-imagine what the wind ensemble could be when its members were not able to play together in the same room. The pieces are wildly diverse in style and solve this problem in profoundly different ways.

On this video, you will hear music by:
Ashley Kushner ’19 (Piled Sands Swirled Away)
Pete Deshler (We Choose the Moon, based on JFK’s speech at Rice Stadium)
Kirk O’Riordan (Body Doubles, featuring narration of her poem by Lee Upton)

You will also hear commentary from the composers and from members of LCCB who talk about their experiences this semester.

In all, five new pieces will be recorded for commercial release during the spring semester. The two other pieces are both by current Lafayette students: Anna Zittle ’22 and Justin Kogasaka ’22. The CDs should be available by March in both physical and digital formats: proceeds from sales will be used to help provide private lesson scholarships for LCCB players.