Dear Campus Colleagues:

We continue to celebrate the $500,000 award from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation the College received that explores the nexus of art(s) and technology.  As part of this award, we are pleased to announce this call for internal grants to be spent in the academic year 2022-2023.  This multi-year award will run through the end of academic year 2026.  Additional calls for funding will be made throughout the 4-year award period.

We welcome applications from faculty across campus who share Lafayette Arts’ interest in highlighting the interplay of arts and technology.

Submit your proposal through Google Forms using this link:  Arts and Technology Grant.

Internal Grants will provide funding for:

  • Visiting artists: Funds for artist stipends, travel to Easton, and/or housing while in residence at Lafayette. Capped at $3,000.
  • Course development: Courses may be offered beginning in spring 2023 or afterward; but the groundwork for developing or enhancing the course must take place during the 2022-23 academic year for this call. Funds can be used for materials, supplies, and stipend. Capped at $1000.
  • Faculty training and enrichment: Individual or collaborative projects, discussions, or professional development that explore the nexus between art(s) and technology. The goal of each project will entail adding knowledge and experience to a class or scholarship or other professional development that enhances one’s shared experience at Lafayette. Capped at $800 per person, and up to three collaborators for a given project.
  • Student training/trips/projects: Individual or collaborative projects that explore the nexus between art(s) and technology with the goal of adding experience to a class, independent study project, thesis, or other academic endeavor. Capped at $500 per person toward the project or registration fee, travel costs, and related expenses. 
  • Student Media Fellows: Funds for part-time student help associated with art(s) and technology labs or academic programming projects.

Successful proposals will: 

  • Provide a description of the project to be developed with an explanation of how it will meet one or more of the Pedagogical Objectives (see below).
  • Include a plan for the sustainability of the project.  Explain how this experience—and/or the guest educators—will equip you to continue teaching the module in future classes or how the experience of a one-time event might provide a lasting influence.
  • If appropriate, include how different faculty instructors from diverse disciplines might collaborate to create the project.
  • Include a budget and budget justification that covers anticipated expenses for project development and execution as well as any anticipated support from other sources for the project.

Pedagogical Objectives

Any activity or installation supported by the project will meet one (or more) of the objectives below:

  1. Recognize the relevance of the arts through technology. Use technology and its everyday experiences as a gateway to encourage students to discover innovative uses of technology in order to find ways to address unmet needs and/or push boundaries through artistic expression.
  2. Expand capacity to re-examine perspectives, expression, and definitions of art. Re-introduce technology to students from a broader viewpoint by offering a safe place for students to take risks with guidance.  Develop the students’ evidentiary tools to evaluate their inward perspectives about themselves, their view of art and artistic expression, and the role technology plays in those perspectives.
  3. Interdisciplinary collaborations between students and faculty.  Work with colleagues/students across discipline boundaries to actively and deliberately incorporate technology more fully into the classroom to generate conversations that explore how intimately the arts are tied to technology as well as the rest of campus.
  4. Use the arts to innovate through the development of new technology.   Explore new implementations of technology in the arts or through collaborations modify/develop technology that provides new capabilities for the arts.

Proposals will be evaluated based on: 

  • Whether the project meets one (or more) of the objectives above
  • Whether the project seeks to contribute to a pedagogy in which students are strongly engaged in interdisciplinary expression through the use of technology
  • Whether the proposal includes a detailed budget
  • Whether the organizational materials, support, and collaborations are in place toward a successful project
  • The sustainability of the project and/or lasting influence of a one-time event

Grants may run for either one semester, interim, or for the full year. Note that any exceeded budget will be the responsibility of the faculty proposer’s department.

To Apply

Submit your proposal through Google Forms using this link:  Arts and Technology GrantFor full consideration, proposals are due by Monday, February 20. Proposals submitted after February 20 will be reviewed on a rolling basis provided that funding remains. The Project Director and Steering Committee will review proposals and offer a decision by March 6. Early submissions are welcome.

For those who are interested:

Arts & Tech Grant Information Session


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Gendebien Room, Skillman Library

Snacks will be provided


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or help with developing ideas.


Kind regards,

Katherine Groo

Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies

Project Director, Lafayette Arts’ Arts & Technology Grant


Karen Marmaras

Arts Grant Coordinator